Genuine Buteyko breathing techniques

from the world's oldest

Buteyko® Clinic in Moscow (Est. in 1987) 

1. Thank you for contacting the oldest in the world Buteyko® Clinic, which was opened in 1987 in Moscow (Russia) and in which Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko himself worked.

2. The co-founders of the Clinic are Dr. Lyudmila D.Buteyko and Dr. Andrey E. Novozhilov, the sole heirs of Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko, the legal successors and holders of the rights to the Buteyko method© since 2003.

3. Buteyko® Clinic in Moscow is the only unique primary source of knowledge about Buteyko breathing exercises© and the Buteyko Method© as a medical technology and a drug-free method of treatment.

4. Method Buteyko© is an intellectual property and an object of copyright.

5. To use the name BUTEYKO in any form (provision of training services, publication of books, etc.), a Specialist Certificate is required (the validity period of which does not exceed 1 year) or the written consent of the copyright holder.

6. Method Buteyko© is a complex medical technology that, with qualified application, allows you to completely get rid of the disease, reduce and cancel drug treatment.

7. We offer an authentic, real method Buteyko© completely on a full scale basis, as well as real, original breathing techniques of the method Buteyko© in the most effective and safe form, as taught by the author himself - Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko.


The only book about the Buteyko method, about Buteyko breathing, published with the participation of the author of the method and during his lifetime, is presented on our website and is called “The Buteyko Method” (Patriot Publishing House, Moscow, 1990):

We especially emphasize that K.P. Buteyko is not the author and has no relation to the absurd, fantastic nonsense that is published and sold under his name.


I. Treatment program for patients

Individual master-class

II. To study the Buteyko© method we recommend ONLY TWO BOOKS

III. Training programs for teachers of the Buteyko© method (Instructor, Specialist)

Individual master-class

Certificate, programs content, professional support of Buteyko teachers

IV. What is the Buteyko© Method (Buteyko breathing techniques, exercises) 

and copyright 


All programs are in English, Spanish and are based on the next:

- a unique archive of video recordings of lectures and seminars by the author himself - Dr. K. Buteyko,

- a unique scientific archive of the author - Dr. K. Buteyko,

- and on the basis of our experience of daily professional work with Dr. K. Buteyko for more than 40 years.

That is why the world's oldest Buteyko Clinic in Moscow (founded in 1987) is still the world's only unique primary source of knowledge about the Buteyko method.


I. Treatment program for patients

It is a complete genuine Buteyko method for curing all types of diseases

The treatment program for patients consists of lessons via skype.

During every lesson we offer a new original Buteyko breathing technique from the original source. In the fifth lesson all the learnt techniques can be combined into one highly effective exercise for treatment and recovery, which can be performed invisibly, constantly and in any situation: at work in the office, in the gym, at a party with friends.

The imperceptible performance of the Buteyko breathing technique is the basis of the lasting sports stamina, high prevention of stress, chronic fatigue, asthma attack, increased blood pressure, allergy attack and other modern diseases.

If you do not intend to buy a full program of 5 lessons for treatment, then the information and knowledge gained even in one lesson will allow you to successfully start using the Buteyko breathing technique for treatment and recovery. 


II. To study the Buteyko© method, we recommend ONLY TWO BOOKS

To study the Buteyko method, we recommend ONLY TWO BOOKS, one of which was written personally under the direct supervision of Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko in 1990, and which presents the real, original, authentic Buteyko method, which was developed and taught by the author of the method himself - Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko.

"The Buteyko method. Experience of introduction into medical practice»

Collection of articles, compiled by Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko, Dr. Alexander E. Khoroscho, Moscow, 1990.

The book was published in 1990 under the direct guidance and participation of the author of the methodology - Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko.

The book features:

* a long interview with the author of the methodology - Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko,

* the famous author's instruction for self-study,

* experience of doctors of various specialties of the USSR health care system in implementing the methodology.

"Breathing according to Buteyko. Practice and theory» 

by Dr. Andrey E. Novozhilov, M.D, Moscow, 2016.

Dr. Andrey Novozhilov, M.D, co-author of the Buteyko method©, 

copyright holder, legal successor, 

co-founder and chief physician of the Buteyko®Clinic in Moscow (Est. in 1987)

The book features for the first time:

* a detailed description of the breathing techniques of the Buteyko method with illustrations,

* features and scheme of safe hormonal treatment of asthma using the Buteyko method,

* features of breathing during sports,

* prevention of respiratory disorders in speech practice

and many other recommendations necessary for successful treatment and gradual recovery.


III. Training programs for teachers of the Buteyko© method (Instructor, Specialist)

1. State clinical studies have demonstrated a significant impact of Buteyko breathing exercises on the body and human health. Therefore, according to the decision of the copyright holders, application of the Buteyko method in any part of it and as a teacher (instructor, specialist) as well, is possible and recommended only after appropriate training.

2. The Certificate (instructor, specialist) in Buteyko breathing exercises is the only confirmation of the relevant training and qualification.

3. The certificate must contain the logo of the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow (founded in 1987), the signature of the copyright holder. It is valid for one year.

4. Any Diplomas signed by Dr. K. Buteyko and Dr. L. Buteyko, the validity of which exceeds one year, are a historical artefact, museum value and cannot serve as confirmation of the current qualification of a specialist.

It is well known, for example, that in medicine, a permit for professional activity is not a medical university diploma per se, obtained perhaps decades ago, but a Specialist Certificate issued after appropriate training and qualification confirmation every 1-3-5 years, depending on the doctor’s medical speciality. 

5. Training is carried out only individually online, via Skype.

The training is conducted by Dr. A. Novozhilov, M.D, co-author of the Buteyko method, copyright holder, chief physician and co-founder of the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow (founded in 1987):



6. Video recording of the course for personal use as teaching material is permitted.

It should be taken into account that during the training process we provide a lot of information on the theory and practice of the Buteyko method, which is difficult to master and understand immediately, for this reason the copyright holder allowed the video recording of the course for personal use as educational material.

7. We offer two training programs for Buteyko© breathing exercises teachers.

Looking ahead a little, it should be said that the Buteyko method is not a set of breathing exercises.

The famous Buteyko breathing techniques are only part of the Buteyko method as a drug-free method of treatment.

Another part of the Buteyko method is a large complex of critically important knowledge, the use of which gives an excellent healing or healing result even without the use of breathing techniques.

For example, did you know that asthma, allergies or hypertension can be completely cured with the help of elemental sports? But the secret of successful treatment is hidden in the ability to control your breathing.

We'll be happy to tell you how to do it.

The Buteyko® Clinic has been operating in Moscow since 1987. Based on our 33 years experience of treating patients and training specialists, we recommend attending at least 3-5 sessions.


IV. What is the Buteyko© Method (Buteyko breathing techniques or exercises) and copyright 

1. The Buteyko© method as a drug-free way of treatment, improvement and prevention of diseases is a scientific discovery and invention in the field of medicine, therefore it has an author, co-authors and is subject to copyright.

2. Author - Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko, M.D, Ph.D. (Russia).

Co-authors: Dr. Lyudmila D. Buteyko and Dr. Andrey E. Novozhilov, M.D, (Russia).

3. Since 2003, Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko's copyright successor and heir has been Dr. Lyudmila D. Buteyko, co-author, copyright holder (Russia).

The Buteyko method (pat. No. 1067640, 1593627, 2245171) is registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (1962, 1986, 2004)

Trademarks BUTEYKO, BUTEYKO (No. 367700, 379371, 103540, WIPO1009432) registered in 1991, 2007, 2008, 2009

4. Be careful when referring to sources of information about the Buteyko Method and watch our video about fake Buteyko's books and fake Buteyko Method specialists on our YouTube channel:


We invite you to study and wish you to be a truly qualified specialist in Buteyko breathing exercises!


We offer all program in English and Spanish

Please contact us by email: buteyko@me.com


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